Speak up on UK defence policy

What’s happening?

The UK is currently undertaking a major exercise which will establish Britain’s approach to peace and security issues over the next five years.

By establishing its National Security Strategy and carrying out a Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), our Government will identify how best to respond to emerging risks and opportunities.

What can you do?

The Cabinet Office has invited members of the public to submit thoughts and observations to feed into the reviews.

This is an important and rare opportunity for UNA-UK and our supporters to make the case for investing in global solutions and institutions to the UK Government. 

The more submissions we make, the better our chances of influence.

What do we want?

UNA-UK hopes that the reviews will:

  • Emphasise the importance of an effective UN to national security and prosperity
  • Recognise that this requires consistent UK leadership at the UN and develop a clear strategy to strengthen the organisation
  • Make clear the need to address the root causes of threats to the UK, such as mass atrocities, poverty and instability
  • Set out ways in which the UK can achieve this, for example, by increasing practical support to UN peace operations
  • Commit the UK to setting a positive example in its implementation, at home and abroad, of international laws and norms

The most important step the UK can take to mark the UN’s 70th anniversary is a strong commitment to invest in the continued health of the organisation.

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Will you join us?

Please use the form opposite to submit your ideas for UK foreign policy to the SDSR consultation.