Meet Maj Michael Rodger

"I was deployed as a UN peacekeeper to promote unity and ensure public stability in Cyprus. The country is split in two and there is an area between the two borders that has remained untouched and empty since the unrest in the 1970s. The UK has had a presence there for many years and so it's important to make sure that we continue to promote British interest in unifying the country.

I was part of a dedicated mobile reserve force, which had two major roles; a continuous 24-hour vehicle and guard security patrol; and a 'notice to move' security role, which meant we had to be on standby and be ready to act within 90 minutes should we be needed. To make sure we were ready, we carried out military training and public order training.

Our unit was multinational with a strong number of Argentinians, Slovakians and Hungarians making up the bulk of the team. Carrying out small unit cohesion training and working with the other nations brought all our different skill sets together and learning from each other was a great experience."

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Dear Secretaries of State,

I am writing to express my support for the Government’s decision to increase the number of British personnel seconded to UN peace operations.

As a member of the British public, I am proud of our troops, police officers and civilian experts who have served in UN missions across the world. Peacekeepers do vital work to protect civilians from conflict and the need for UN peace operations has never been greater. I believe British citizens have much to give in terms of skills and expertise that can help to strengthen these missions and contribute to their success.

Supporting peace operations is an investment in Britain’s future. It is in our national interest to prevent countries from sliding back into conflict and we have a global responsibility to protect vulnerable populations. Our security and prosperity depend on us working with other states through international institutions like the United Nations.

As British citizens – and global citizens – we all have a stake in supporting international peace and security. I would like to thank our peacekeepers, and the British Government, for investing in the cause of global peace.

Yours sincerely,