A global force for good

UNA-UK’s 15,000 members and supporters know that what happens in other countries shapes their own lives.  Yet despite the increasing extent to which British citizens’ interests are being affected by global crises -  climate change, pandemics, terrorism -  foreign policy barely featured in parties' election campaigns.  

We are deeply concerned that British policy-makers continue to underestimate the need to invigorate our international institutions – particularly the UN, which is essential to solving the problems facing the UK and the world. 

UNA-UK's foreign policy manifesto shows how this needs to change if the UK is to maintain its strategic importance and prosper as a nation.

From climate change to gender equality, UN peacekeeping to arms control, our manifesto outlines 10 ways in which the UK can act as a global force for good - the UK's approach to issues such as these will define its place in the world.

We need your support

Public support for this agenda is crucial. We must call on the new government to acknowledge the need for an effective global system, and for policies that support the United Nations, which does so much good for people in this country and around the world.

Support our manifesto and help us make the case for an active and progressive UK foreign policy.

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UNA-UK’s manifesto and a list of those who have supported it will be presented to the new government.

Support the manifesto

Together, we can push international issues up the political agenda.

Support the manifesto and show political parties that we all have a stake in building a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

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